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Intrust Funding is a Kelso private loan lender providing bridge loans to investors in Cowlitz County. Acquire your next property, renovate your next investment, or cash-out refi your last loan today. With funding in 48 hours, no inspections, no appraisals, and a simple 1% per month interest rate, Intrust Funding is real estate investing simplified.

Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors

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Kelso Hard Money Loans

More than ever, real estate investors are finding great opportunities in the city of Kelso. Bigger Pockets has made the BRRRR method a popular approach for real estate investors to generate passive income and accrue long term wealth. With our private money loans, investors have tremendous success at fix and flips and buy and holds in Kelso. Intrust Funding’s short term loans typically range from 5 to 12 months. With an easy, transparent, and quick application process, Intrust Funding can provide funds for investments within 48 hours of approval. That means buying properties quickly and repaying loans in no time. Real estate investing has never been easier.

As Kelso’s leading money lenders for residential, our commercial loans are accessible to new and seasoned investors alike! If you have bad or no credit, that doesn’t matter to us. However we do need a credit report, or a copy of a credit report issued within the last 12 months, just to make sure there are no liens on any collateral you might use. We also need proof of funds for the down payment. To prequalify for a short term loan from us, that’s about all we need. But there are disqualifiers for our real estate investment loans. For us to provide funds for the investment, the loan cannot be used to acquire a property at in-person county auctions (although we do provide funds for online auctions), the property must have a free and clear title without any liens, and it must have a septic system in place. We also do not provides funds for land-only deals, unless the land is worth as much as the loan itself. Many investors use our bridge loans to acquire a property, renovate an investment, or as a cash-out refi from another lender. All loan fees are rolled into our loans, meaning investors only pay a 1% interest rate each month until their loan is payed off. A balloon payment is due at the end of the loan term, which is typically paid off through the sale or refinance of the investment property. Our competitive rates are appreciated by commercial real estate investors in Cowlitz County. At Intrust Funding, we provide cash on hand, hard money loans, with no money out of pocket, to investors in the city of Kelso.

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County Information

Cowlitz County is a southwest Washington state county. With a population of around 100,000 people, its largest city is Longview and its county seat is Kelso. Because of its location many of its towns and cities are dependent on the lumber industry. In fact, in the 1920s, it had the first and second largest timber companies in the world.

City Information

Kelso Washington, located in Cowlitz County, is a town with a lot of history. From its rough and rowdy logging town beginnings, to its close proximity to the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980, to the 1998 Aldercrest-Banyon landslide, the city of Kelso is sure to keep its residents on their toes. However, living in Kelso also brings financial opportunity. In the past, Kelso was the Smelt Fishing Capitol of the World, taking fish from the three rivers that ran through city – the Coweeman, Columbia, and Cowlitz, which separates Kelso from Longview, creating the area known as Kelso Longview. Today, with its close proximity to Portland, Oregon, interstate 5, and the west coast railways, the majority of Kelso’s employers are in the manufacturing industry, providing jobs for the regions 102,410 residents. Kelso is also home to Lower Columbia College, which offers bachelors and masters degrees in various fields. Whether you’re planning on using a hard money loan to create an additional rental unit for a college student, or looking for an investment property to be sold to one of its residents, Kelso is a great place to be looking for your next investment opportunity.