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Intrust Funding is an Ellensburg bridge loan lender providing flip loans to investors in Kittitas County. Acquire your next property, renovate your next investment, or cash-out refi your last loan today. With funding in 48 hours, no inspections, no appraisals, and a simple 1% per month interest rate, Intrust Funding is real estate investing simplified.

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Ellensburg Hard Money Loans

More than ever, real estate investors are finding great opportunities in the city of Ellensburg. Private investors looking for Ellensburg commercial real estate choose us for buy & hold and fix and flip projects in Kittitas County. For long term wealth and passive income, many of our borrowers choose one of our loan options to follow the BRRRR method, popularized by Bigger Pockets. Intrust Funding provides short term loans with loan terms that range from 5 to 12 months. With a quick and simple application process, we can fund projects within 48 hours of approval. Acquire real estate fast and pay off your loan quickly. Real Estate investing has never been easier!

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Real Estate Investment Loans for Ellensburg, WA

As leading bridge loan lenders in Ellensburg, we are known for our simple bridge loan qualification process! Prequalifying for a commercial loan from us is simple. Although there is no minimum credit score you need to have, we must have a credit report or a copy of a report issued in the last 12 months on file. This is just so we can make sure there aren’t any liens on collateral you might use for the loan. The second thing we need is a proof of funds for down payment, or proof of adequate collateral. Once we have those two things, that’s about all we need! But there are disqualifiers for our real estate investment loans. For us to provide funds for the investment, the loan cannot be used to acquire a property at in-person county auctions (although we do provide funds for online auctions), the property must have a free and clear title without any liens, and it must have a septic system in place. We also do not provides funds for land-only deals, unless the land is worth as much as the loan itself. Our flip loans are typically used to purchase an investment, renovate a property, or to refinance a loan from another lender. All fees, including transaction and origination fees, are rolled into the loan. A 1% per month interest payment is the only payment due during the course of the loan. And we charge no early payoff fee! To payoff the loan, a balloon payment is due at the end of the loan term when the investment property is ready to rent out, go on the market, or be refinanced. Our competitive rates equal or beat other hard money lenders in Kittitas County. Intrust Funding is a well-known hard money lender in the city of Ellensburg, offering cash on hand loans for difficult to fund projects.

Ellensburg Bridge Loans

Sometimes hard money loans are called bridge loans. This is because bridge loans act as bridges between quick, short-term and long-term financing. Investors looking for bridge loans in Ellensburg, Washington, trust Intrust Funding to give them the best deals in Kittitas County.

Rehab Loans for Ellensburg Real Estate

For Ellensburg real estate investors who need hard money to fund both the acquisition of a property and the renovation costs, Intrust Funding’s Ellensburg rehab loans roll up everything into one loan, for your convenience.

AirBnB Loans for Ellensburg, WA

AirBnB is a service that connects people with real estate investors who are willing to rent out their real estate investment properties for much less than your average hotel stay. Many real estate investors purchase AirBnB investment properties in Ellensburg to rent out during popular travel seasons.

Fix and Flip Loans Ellensburg, WA

Today, fix and flips are all the rage. One reason for this trend is the way seasoned investors leverage hard money to fund fix and flip projects. Let us help you out on your next Ellensburg fix and flip with our hard money loan!

Cash Out Refinance Hard Money Loan

If you need to refinance a hard money loan for an investment property in Ellensburg, we fund cash-out refi loans every day. Whether you need a longer loan period, want to cross-collateralize investments, or more, our Ellensburg cash out refinance loans are for you.

BRRRR Method in Ellensburg, Kittitas County

The BRRRR Method is a real estate investing strategy where an investor will Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and then Repeat this cycle to generate value quickly in their investment properties portfolio. For real estate investors in Ellensburg, Intrust Funding has become a popular bridge loan lender on BRRRR projects.

Ellensburg, WA

Ellensburg is a city in and the county seat of Kittitas County, Washington, United States. It is located just east of the Cascade Range near the junction of Interstate 90 and Interstate 82. The population was an estimated 21,111 as of 2019. The city is located along the Yakima River in the Kittitas Valley, an agricultural region that extends east towards the Columbia River. The valley is a major producer of timothy hay, which is processed and shipped internationally. Ellensburg is also the home of Central Washington University (CWU). Ellensburg, originally named Ellensburgh for the wife of town founder John Alden Shoudy, was founded in 1871 and grew rapidly in the 1880s following the arrival of the Northern Pacific Railway. The city was once a leading candidate to become the state capital of Washington, but its campaign was scuppered by a major fire in 1889.

Kittitas County

Kittitas County is a county located in the U.S. state of Washington. The population was 47,364 in a 2018 census estimate. Its county seat and largest city is Ellensburg. The county was created in November 1883 when it was carved out of Yakima County.

Snuggled in the beautiful Kittitas Valley and protected by the magnificent Cascade Range, Ellensburg, WA is a charming town with a beautiful downtown full of historic, elegant 19th century buildings. Central Washington University gives the city a lively atmosphere with student events and cafes. On the first Friday of every month, the downtown turns into the Ellensburg First Friday Art Walk

In 2019, Ellensburg, WA had a population of 20.2k people with a median age of 23.5 and a median household income of $39,645. Between 2018 and 2019 the population of Ellensburg, WA grew from 19,799 to 20,167, a 1.86% increase and its median household income declined from $40,126 to $39,645, a −1.2% decrease.

Using averages, employees in Ellensburg, WA have a shorter commute time (15.4 minutes) than the normal US worker (25.5 minutes). Additionally, 1.68% of the workforce in Ellensburg, WA have “super commutes” in excess of 90 minutes.

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