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Gator Method Real Estate Investing

Kickstart your investing journey with the Gator Method

The Gator Method of Real Estate Investing is actually traditional investing with a new name. The key to the Gator Method is to identify properties that are undervalued in the current market–whether in disrepair or and off market, wholesale opportunity–and leverage knowledge about the market to improve the value of the property and walk away with large returns in a short amount of time.

There are a few key pieces to this:

  • Source of Funding
  • Wholesale Pipeline
  • Listing Services


Funding in 48 Hours

No Inspections

First Draw Advances

At Intrust Funding, we help you with each step of the Gator Method. Not only do we provide funding in 48 hours, with the first construction draw advanced after closing to get you started on your project with no money out of pocket, but we also help you with our knowledge of the current market by underwriting the value of the property for you. 

Through our sister companies Heaton Dainard and Project RE, we also help you get connected with wholesalers and listing services to make your real estate investing process as simple, efficient, and reliable as possible.

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The Gator Method FAQ

What's the Bottom Line on the Gator Method?

It’s simple: buy low, sell high. The Gator Method is all about finding those undervalued, almost forgotten properties, giving them the TLC they need, and then making them work for you. It’s not just real estate; it’s smart investing. You’re turning a problem property into a cash-generating machine.

How Does This Stand Out in the Shark Tank of Real Estate?

Unlike those get-rich-quick schemes or speculative plays, the Gator Method is a straight shooter. You’re not waiting for the market to do you a favor. You’re creating value – real, tangible value. It’s about buying a liability and turning it into an asset.

What’s the Ideal Prey for a Gator Investor?

Look for the underdogs of the property world. Those fixer-uppers, the ones everyone else overlooks. Why? Because that’s where the real opportunity is. It’s about seeing the diamond in the rough and having the guts to polish it.

Tell Me About the Risks. I Smell Blood in the Water.

Like any investment, there are risks. You could misjudge the renovation costs or overestimate the rental market. There’s no such thing as a sure bet, but the real risk is in not doing your homework. Know your numbers, or you’re just gambling.

Can a Rookie Swim with the Gators?

Absolutely, but don’t be a fool. Educate yourself. This isn’t a game. It’s business. Know the market, understand the costs, and get advice from those who’ve swum these waters before. If you’ve got the drive and you do your due diligence, you can make it work. But remember, in the world of real estate, it’s eat or be eaten.




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Actively Funding Since 2009: Why We’re Still Here


As a real estate investor, you know how important it is to find a reliable source of funding to finance your projects. With so many hard money lenders out there, it can be tough to separate the good from the bad. That’s why we want to take a moment to tell you about what sets us apart.

At Intrust Funding, we’ve been providing short-term loans to real estate investors since 2009. We haven’t changed our underlying principles; we haven’t changed our rates; we don’t take shortcuts or use gimmicks to win business. Instead, we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients based on solid principles that remain true even when markets shift. That’s how we’ve remained open and offered funding while other lenders have closed their doors and called their loans due. We have never stopped funding since our inception in 2009 and would love fund your next project.

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