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Fix and Flip Loans

Looking for a fast, flexible financing option for your fix and flip scenario?

Fix and flip loans are short-term, real estate loans designed to help an investor purchase and renovate a property in order to sell it at a profit—generally within 12 to 18 months. Some investors use more conventional loans and lines of credit to finance their projects, but most fix and flip loans are hard money loans from individuals or private investors.

Fix and flip loans are most often used to purchase residential properties at auction or foreclosure, to finance renovations and upgrades, and to cover other expenses associated with the ownership of the property.

Fix and flip loans are typically utilized to renovate properties in disrepair. As real estate investors purchase a distressed or foreclosed property, fixer upper loans fund investors who rehab damages and “flip” the property from a disreputable eyesore to a profitable asset. And these loans allow borrowers to maintain a strong cash position. Financing for flipping houses through flip loans provides a substantial ROI for investors through:

Minimizing renovation expenses;
Maximizing property market value;
Quick turnover time.

Since foreclosed or distressed properties typically enter the market as low cost acquisitions and are bought by seasoned real estate investors quickly, it can be difficult for anyone but local, capital-rich investors to find and close deals on these valuable opportunities. The advantage of loans for flipping houses in this circumstance is significant.

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Fix and Flip FAQ

What is the basic concept of a Fix & Flip strategy?

A Fix & Flip strategy involves purchasing a property in need of repairs, performing necessary renovations, and selling the property at a higher price to earn profit. This strategy requires solid knowledge of real estate markets and renovation costs to ensure a profitable return on investment.

What types of properties are suitable for Fix & Flip?

While almost any property can be a candidate for a Fix & Flip, single-family homes, condominiums, and townhouses are often preferred due to their wide market appeal. Properties in good locations and neighborhoods with high appreciation potential are ideal for this strategy.

Are fix and flip loans used for construction?

Yes, fix and flip loans can cover not only the purchase price of the property but also renovation costs. This feature is beneficial for real estate investors who want to minimize out-of-pocket expenses when rehabilitating a property.

What factors should I consider in a Fix & Flip project?

Important considerations include property location, purchase price, renovation costs, potential resale value (After Repair Value), and the time it may take to complete renovations and sell the property. Each of these factors can significantly impact the profitability of a Fix & Flip project.


How can a hard money loan expedite my fix and flip project?

Hard money loans are typically processed much faster than traditional bank loans, often within a few days. This speed enables investors to quickly secure properties in competitive markets, thereby expediting the entire fix and flip process.

What's the importance of After Repair Value (ARV) in a fix and flip loan?

After Repair Value (ARV) is the projected value of a property after renovations are completed. It’s a key metric lenders use to determine the loan amount for a fix and flip project. A higher ARV can potentially result in a larger loan.

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