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  • Basic Evaluation: Input your total acquisition price, estimated fix-up costs, estimated ARV (after repair value), and estimated holding months for introductory profit projections.
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This fix-and-flip calculator is provided for informational and planning purposes. It offers a helpful tool to quickly estimate the potential profitability of a real estate investment. However, please note the following:

  • Accuracy: Results are based on user-provided information. While we strive for accuracy in our calculations, many factors impact a fix-and-flip project’s outcome. Thoroughly research and factor in all potential costs and market conditions for the most reliable projections.
  • No Guarantee of Profit: This calculator does not guarantee a profit. Real estate investments involve risk. Market fluctuations, unanticipated expenses, and project delays can significantly affect your returns.
  • Professional Advice: The calculated profit estimates should not replace comprehensive due diligence and consulting with qualified real estate professionals. Always seek advice from experienced agents, contractors, and financial advisors before committing to any investment.

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