Jorge Gabuardi & Rachelle Boyer | Investor Spotlight

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Case Studies and Success Stories

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Rachelle Boyer:

I’m a flipper: I’ve done a few investment properties in the last few years. The construction draws, they’re so seamless. So once you go ahead and create your loan package with Intrust, construction begins. With the other lenders, you have to spend money, and then submit, go through a review process—sometimes it’s 7-to-10 days to get your construction draw money back. Intrust is not like that. It’s instantaneous.

Jorge Gabuardi:

Getting approved and going through the process was super easy, website made it super simple. To pay the withdraw process was incredibly simple. That was one of the main constraints I was looking at when looking at hard money lenders. I don’t have all the money for my deals so how am I going to fund it through the process? Everybody else required inspectors to go in and take a look at it, and it takes about a week to get your money back. Intrust funding—bam—you get your funding as soon as you’re ready to go to the next stage.

Rachelle Boyer:

We can go ahead and submit our requisition, we can submit our photos, and literally within two days we will have our money in our bank. Again, just making it a really quicker process. 

Jorge Gabuardi:

Intrust funding was super easy. I interviewed a lot of hard money lenders. And Intrust Funding makes me feel very good that I have a reliable, knowledgeable team that has my back.

Rachelle Boyer:

I continue to work with Intrust Funding because of their professionalism, their attention to detail, and customer service is like none other.

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