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Financing for Flipping Houses and Home Rehab Loans

What are Fix and Flip Loans?

Fix and flip loans are typically utilized to renovate properties in disrepair. As real estate investors purchase a distressed or foreclosed property, fixer upper loans fund investors who rehab damages and “flip” the property from a disreputable eyesore to a profitable asset. And they allow borrowers to maintain a strong cash position. Financing for flipping houses through flip loans provides a substantial ROI for investors through:

  • Minimizing renovation expenses;
  • Maximizing property market value;
  • Quick turnover time.

Since foreclosed or distressed properties typically enter the market as a low cost acquisition and are bought by seasoned real estate investors quickly, it can be difficult for anyone but local, capital rich investors to find and close deals on these valuable opportunities. The advantage of loans for flipping houses in this circumstance is significant. Because cash on hand is an important leverage in closing negotiations, Intrust Funding, a hard money lender in Western Washington, provides hard money fix and flip loans to real estate investors. Consequently, the playing field has been leveled.

Flipping houses with bad credit or no credit? No problem. As fix and flip lenders, we underwrite your real estate investment based on its After Repair Value (ARV).

Fixer Upper Loan Intrust Funding

Why Choose Fixer Upper Loans?

Intrust Funding Is Washington State’s Proven Hard Money Lender

Working with hard money lenders like Intrust Funding empowers investors to make cash offerings, fund rehab and construction projects within 48 hours of closing, and make rent-ready products or sell properties for high ROIs in very brief periods of time. That means more projects funded, higher cash flow potential, and less money out of pocket.

Quick Facts about Intrust Funding’s Fix and Flip Loans

  • Up to 90% Loan-to-Value
  • First Draw within 48 Hours of Closing
  • Loan amounts: $50,000 – $7,000,000*
  • No limit on the number of properties
  • For single and multifamily renovations
  • Loans are available to individuals, trusts, corporations, and limited partnerships
  • Property must be non-owner occupied

*Loan amounts, terms, and conditions are negotiable on a case-by-case basis.

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Fix and Flip Loans: The Hard Money Advantage

Fix and Flip Loans: The Hard Money Advantage

Fix and flip real estate investors may look glamorous on TV, but what they don’t show you is the steps taken for purchasing an investment property. Like most of us, they don't usually have hundreds of thousands of dollars just sitting around in their bank accounts. In fact, the biggest obstacle for new investors isn’t the work required for property renovations but rather securing the funds to acquire their investment properties in the first place. And that's where our fix and flip loan program comes into play.

Financing for Flipping Houses: An Alternative to Traditional Loan Programs

Despite the tremendous potential in distressed and foreclosed properties, many do not meet FHA lending guidelines. For real estate investors, this unfortunately means many large, federal programs are unavailable fund sources for these situations. Before private money lenders, that meant unharnessed potential was ignored.

Intrust Funding specializes in fix and flip loans. In fact, investors and developers can typically receive same-day prequalification and their first loan draw within 48 hours of closing!

Fix and Flip Loan Scenarios:

  • Buy-to-Sell Properties
  • REO or Bank Owned Purchase and Rehab
  • Refinancing a Short Term Loan Intended for a Fixer Upper Project
  • Buyer Unable to Qualify for Conventional Financing
  • Portfolio Loans and Multi-Property Loans

With flexible terms, a 90% LTV, and funding from $50,000 to $7,000,000 and more, Intrust Funding’s loans for flipping houses are perfect for investors in Seattle, Bellevue, and other Western Washington markets.