Francisco Figueroa & Rhonda Williams | Investor Spotlight

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Case Studies and Success Stories


Francisco Figueroa:

I was recommended by my best friend, and I called Intrust funding. I got approved the next day.

Rhonda Williams:

So five days in the middle of a rehab can be crucial, because every day is money, especially when you’re dealing with hard money. So that was a major challenge for me. And with Intrust Funding, that was not an issue. The way they do it is they allow you to go ahead and submit a draw, and submit some paper work, take all the pictures as far as where you are in the process of the project, submit that along with the paper work, and within 24 hours usually you can get a check. And you’re still rolling, you still keep moving with the project. They actually do try to help you with the project, especially if it’s your first time. And then after that you get rolling and everything goes so smoothly because they’re so consistent with what they give and what they offer as far as support. They’re there to help you, to support you, offer different suggestions: they’re fabulous.

Francisco Figueroa:

I want to say thank you very much Intrust Funding for helping me in my first flip. I would have never done it if it was not for Intrust Funding’s help, and I appreciate them.

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