Commercial Hard Money Lenders

Commercial Real Estate Loans

No Prepayment Penalty

No Minimum Credit Score

Up to 90% LTV

5-12 Month Terms

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Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loan Lenders

Bridge the gap between a short term funding need and long term financing. Banks typically require 3 years of financials to prove sufficient cash flow and appraisers to establish current property value. Our loans depend on the after repair value (ARV) of the property, meaning your credit score or past financials do not matter!

Lending Amount

Intrust Funding can lend on up to 90% of the investment’s after repair value (ARV), and offers loans for property acquisitions, rehab costs, or both.

Term Length

Although all situations have unique requirements and we are able to adjust our metrics based on your goals, typical loan term lengths range from 5 months to 12 months.

Loan Security

With an in-house MBA in Real Estate who maintains a greater than 98% accuracy on ARVs, we underwrite all our own loans.
Commercial real estate refers to income-producing property utilized solely for the purpose of business rather than as a private residence. Offices, hotels, malls, and shopping centers are a few examples of properties where commercial real estate lending is relevant. When you use a hard money commercial loan to fund a commercial real estate project, you can pay for the cost of acquisition and cost of rehab all in one loan with Intrust Funding.

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Borrower Situations

  • Need Financing Quickly
  • Mortgages on Other Properties
  • Property Doesn’t Meet FHA Requirements
  • Low Current Value, High After Repair Value Investment
  • Fix and Flip
  • Buy and Hold
  • Low Credit Score
  • Leveraging Assets to Invest
VariableBankIntrust Funding
Basis for Loan ApprovalIncome Proof, Credit Score, Tax Returns, Appraisals, etc.Real Estate Assets, LTARV
Minimum FICO Credit Score700+None
Property TypeOwner OccupiedNonowner Occupied
Upfront FeesAppraisals, Application Fees, etc.None


  • Non-owner Occupied
  • Builders, Developers
  • Legal Entities
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Property in Probate, Heirs

Property Types:

  • Office Building
  • Mini Storage
  • Warehouse
  • Senior Care Facility
  • Gas Station
  • Car Wash
  • Shopping Center
  • Strip Mall

Acceptable Loan Scenarios

  • Purchase
  • Rate & Term Finance
  • Cash-out Refinance
  • Blanket Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • Business-purpose Financing
  • Fix-and-Flip
  • Construction/Renovation Completion
  • OK: Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Short Sale, NOD, NOS
  • Notes Purchased
  • Equity Only (No Credit Nor Asset Checks)
  • Seasoning: Non Required, Non-Owner Occupied
  • Second Mortgages/Trust Deeds
  • Third/Fourth Mortgages/Trust Deeds