Real Estate Market Predictions 2024

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Market Analysis

The real estate market in 2024 is shaping up to be a dynamic landscape with several key trends and factors influencing it. Based on the insights from Zillow and expert opinions reported by Yahoo Finance, here’s an analysis of the expected trends and their implications for real estate investors and homebuyers:

Zillow Predictions

  1. More Homes on the Market: Zillow predicts an increase in the number of homes on the market as homeowners adapt to the reality of “higher for longer” mortgage rates. This could lead to more options for buyers and a slowdown in price growth.
  2. Affordability Challenges Persist: Despite a leveling off in home-buying costs, affordability will remain a top concern. Home prices are expected to hold steady, and any reduction in mortgage rates might not be significant enough to dramatically improve affordability.
  3. Growing Demand for Single-Family Rentals: With many households priced out of buying, the demand for single-family rentals is expected to rise. This could be further fueled by existing homeowners turning their properties into rental units instead of selling, taking advantage of low mortgage rates.
  4. Urban Rental Market Resurgence: Urban rental markets, particularly near downtown areas, are likely to see increased demand. This shift could bring more competitive pricing and concessions in these locations.
  5. Shift Towards Fixer-Uppers and DIY Upgrades: Homes needing some work are likely to draw more interest, both from traditional homebuyers and flippers. However, the cost of buying may lead to less competition from flippers, turning buyers towards DIY home improvements.
  6. Rise in AI and Technology in Real Estate: AI advancements are expected to streamline the home-shopping and selling journey, enhancing the experience for buyers, sellers, and agents. This includes better visual and multimodal capabilities in listings and insights on home financing.

Predictions by Nick Ron of House Buyers of America

  1. Modest Price Growth: Nick Ron from House Buyers of America expects a 3 to 4% rise in U.S. home prices in 2024. However, he anticipates a slowdown in price growth due to factors like rising interest rates, increased supply, and affordability challenges.
  2. Inventory and Price Trends: There’s an expectation of some increase in housing inventory, though national housing shortage issues persist. The median list price showed a slight decrease as of late 2023, but scarcity in inventory continues to buoy listing prices.
  3. Mortgage Rate Trends: Mortgage rates, historically high as of late 2023, are expected to remain elevated, though they may decrease slightly in the first half of 2024. This will continue to challenge affordability for buyers and make sellers reluctant to give up low existing rates.
  4. Seller’s Market Predominant: The national housing shortage is expected to maintain a seller’s market in 2024. This situation may lead to novel home purchasing strategies, like pooling resources among friends and family to overcome the affordability barrier.

For investors and potential homebuyers, these trends suggest a market that is gradually transitioning, offering slightly more opportunities than in recent years, but still constrained by affordability and inventory challenges. The growing role of technology and the shift in rental market dynamics will also be key factors to watch. The approach to real estate in 2024 will require a balanced understanding of these evolving dynamics, taking into account both the opportunities and the persisting challenges.

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