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Hard to fund real estate investments
Real estate investors with no or bad credit history
Closing deals quickly with all-cash offers

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Free ARV for borrowers
Expert investment counseling

As hard money lenders serving Western Washington, Intrust Funding provides short-term financial solutions for novice and veteran real estate investors and non-conventional borrowers  through simple, efficient, and transparent hard money loan processes. Our borrowers are able to present all-cash offers in as little as 48 hours to secure the best properties fast. And, for time-sensitive rehab projects, borrowers receive funding from draw requests within 48 hours—maximizing ROI.

Hear what real estate investors say about Intrust Funding’s simple and efficient short-term hard money loan process for property investing. Contact us and experience the difference yourself.

The Intrust Borrower Advantage:

  • Cash on hand without money out of pocket;
  • Maintain cash position during investment process;
  • Quick hard money loan process, with no bank red tape;
  • Credit score is not a significant factor;
  • Find funding for difficult to fund projects.

Our unmatched ability to understand client needs and counsel investors before, during, and after the hard money loan process is just one of the many reasons why our borrowers become partners.

Rhonda and Francisco explain why Intrust Funding’s hard money loan process is simple, efficient, and reliable for real estate investors.

“I really enjoy working with Intrust Funding!  Starting with my first transaction, their process continues to be easy, fast, and efficient.  Everyone I work with is helpful, professional and friendly. They have funded multiple deals for me and  I can honestly say that I’m a very satisfied customer!”

JohnBothell, WA

“As a cash buyer, Intrust Funding helps me submit strong offers that have been able to close in 4 days.  They take the hassle out of acquiring investment properties and when one of my loans took more than 6 months to refinance, I was pleasantly surprised to learn it automatically extended.”

DindarTacoma, WA

“Our experience has been great. Working with the Intrust Funding team has boosted our confidence level. We went from hoping we could do this to, ‘Yes we can do this!’ It has been really nice to work with a group who support us and, if they don’t have the answer to our questions, find someone that does – instead of just brushing it aside.”

Ron and KylyEverett, WA