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Washington Private Money Lenders

As Washington’s leading hard money lender, Intrust Funding is known for its transparency. With expertise in every step of the real estate investment process, our professional loan consultants aren’t interested in just signing loans. We’ve developed and hold to our own hard money loan underwriting principles and processes, because we know they work, and they ensure our clients are getting the highest returns on their investments. Your success means our success.

Investment Property Loans

Intrust Funding provides investment property loans for real estate investments throughout Washington state. We cover closing costs, renovation expenses, and can handle cash out refinance options. Because we are hard money lenders, your credit score does not matter, and our loan terms sit between 5 and 12 months typically.

Loan Benefits

  • Funding in 48 Hours

  • Credit Score Not a Factor

  • Up to 90% Loan-to-Value

  • No Inspections or Appraisals

All Fees Rolled Into Loan

  • Monthly Payment: Only 1% Interest Per Month

  • No Early Payoff Penalties

  • Loans from $25,000 to $7,000,000+

  • Must have Exit Strategy


  • Must be Non-Owner Occupied

  • Washington State Investment Property

  • Cannot be a Personal Loan

  • No Land Only Deals

Intrust Funding knows the fast-paced environment of local real estate investing, which is what makes us the best private money lenders of the Puget Sound Region. Our bridge loans for residential property and commercial investments provide fast capital, so our clients can cover closing costs quickly. With our short term loans, borrowers present all-cash offers in as little as 48 hours to secure the best properties fast. We are revolutionizing the lending industry through our unwavering commitment to efficiency, transparency, and integrity throughout the loan process.

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Hard Money Loans: The Intrust Funding Advantage

Covers Price of Acquisition and Cost of Rehab

Loan Terms

  • Interest Rate: 12% (1%/month, no early payoff fees)
  • Loan Fee: Starts at 2%
  • Length: 0 – 12 Months
  • Property must be non-owner occupied
  • Must be a Washington Investment

*No Inspections or Appraisals Required

*Draws within 24-72 Hours

Pays for Acquisition of Investment Property

Loan Terms

  • Interest Rate: 12% (1%/month, no early payoff fees)
  • Loan Fee: Starts at 2%
  • Length: 0 – 12 Months
  • Property must be non-owner occupied
  • Must be a Washington Investment

*No Additional Paperwork or Extensions

  • 1. Quick Prequalify: Just fill out your name, email, and phone number to begin the process!

  • 2. Follow up: We will follow up with you within 24-48 hours to learn more about your investment opportunity.

  • 3. Documentation: We require a credit report on file—loan approval not based on credit score, no minimum FICO required—and a proof of funds (bank statement, 401K, IRA, etc.) for down payment purposes only. We’ll send you a credit consent form for a soft credit pull.

  • 4. Qualify Property: The basic documents we will need are the *Purchase & Sale Agreement, a Scope of Work, and in special cases a few other documents. At this stage we will work with you to determine if our Standard Loan or Rehab Loan is best for you!

    *Only need Purchase & Sales Agreement if property is under contract. If not, once pre-approved, we are happy to write a loan approval letter for you to acquire your next investment property.

  • 5. Approval: We can work through this process and fund your project within 48 hours for time-sensitive projects.

The application process is easy with quicker approval/disapproval times than conventional lenders like banks.

Less scrutiny of the borrower’s personal financial situation, including income and historical tax returns, etc.

Perfect credit and substantial amounts of disposable income are not needed from borrowers. Instead, we focus on the merits of the investment project.

Self-employment is not viewed negatively by hard money lenders, whereas banks prefer lending to traditionally employed professionals with stead incomes.

Our hard money loans don’t just cover closing costs. You can also include the cost of renovations and repairs in your loan amount.

Borrowers can allocate less time to seeking financing and avoiding rejections by banks. The draw process at Intrust Funding is simple: send us 15 photos of your progress, and we will release your funds.

For real estate development and investment, investors trust Intrust Funding’s simple and efficient short-term hard money loan process. For both private investors and commercial brokers, we differ from traditional lenders because we lend on short term projects, rather than long term, with hard money.

The Intrust Borrower Advantage:

  • Cash on hand without money out of pocket;
  • Maintain cash position during investment process;
  • Quick hard money loan process, with no bank red tape;
  • Credit score is not a significant factor;
  • Find funding for difficult to fund projects.

Not Traditional Lenders: Intrust Funding is Washington State’s Most Trusted Private Money Lender

Unlike a conventional loan or conventional mortgage, our types of loans take into consideration LTV ratios. Loan to Value (LTV) is how loan terms are decided for private lenders like Intrust Funding. It is defined as the ratio of the loan amount to investment property’s After Repair Value (ARV). And unlike conventional lenders, where origination fees for mortgages sit between .5% and 1% of the loan amount, origination fees for hard money loans can differ depending on the lender. Another difference is that hard money loans cannot fund properties that are owner occupied. This is a restriction every hard money lender follows.

Our unmatched ability to understand client needs and counsel investors before, during, and after the hard money loan process is just one of the many reasons why our borrowers become partners.

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